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Academy of SalonU offers a range of professional training courses on beauty, hair, and make-up. Through our world-class hair & beauty academic facilities and accredited programs, you can learn to be a beautician, hairdresser or salon owner. Academy of SalonU offers a range of courses from foundation level to NVQ Level4. Our Training Academy gives you the opportunity to select courses on skin, hair, and make-up based on individual requirements and we have well-trained Beauticians and Hairdressers for the teaching process. Our current students in the academy are tomorrow’s leading professionals.

Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

Academy of SalonU offers various beauty services and presents the highest standard hair & beauty care solutions. Our clients can relax in the knowledge that they are in expert hands, addressing their personal hair and beauty needs. Every customer is treated with kindness, care, and consideration. In our work, we strive for perfection which is achieved by the skillful hands of our team. Academy of SalonU pays attention to the smallest details that make our customers feel gorgeous and work for the perfect result. We follow the latest fashion trends and know how to customize them for each individual customer



Bridal Dressing

Facials & Cleanup


Eyebrows &Threading

Hair Cutting & Dressing

Manicure & Pedicure




About us

Academy of salon U was established to fill a need in the industry in regards to the development and training of professional young women. Our aim is to maintain the standards of training programs. Academy of Salon U’s philosophy is to provide students with a comprehensive and up to date course syllabus, access to the latest in tools and equipment plus, offering excellent & modern training facilities.

About us

OUR products

U Herbs

various skin creams, lotions, gels etc. our skin in the long run. The herbal products available in the market also contain synthetic ingredients which we often tend to ignore after seeing the “herbal” label on the product. our ayurveda has a huge collection of herbal face packs which are quite effective, have no side effects and are cost efficient.

Academy Of Salon U

We specialize in delivering a fully customized experience for our clients. Whether it be a facial aesthetics, nail or hair service, you can expect the very best from our team of experienced and talented professionals. Our space is large enough to accommodate bridal, birthday or business outings. Let Oasis help you shine, inside and out.

U Flower

We offer all kinds of Flower Decorations for any Social Event at affordable prices. We arrange attractive flower arrangements to suit any kind of occasion from traditional styles to modern and all our floral designs are innovative and customized. U Flower service range includes a wide range of wedding functions decorations and flower bouquets, theme events decorations,

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Academy Of Salon U

Academy Of Salon U

Academy Of Salon U

Academy Of Salon U

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Academy Of Salon U

A Bridal Show Organized by Academy Of Salon U

to be held on 4 th August 2019

1.30 pm to 4.30 pm


Bridal Show

U Herbs Brand Launch

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